You probably won’t spend much time here, so let me help you navigate this site in 2 minutes, tops. This is for in case you have no idea what I do. This is for in case you have no idea whether others think I’m okay at what I do. Either as a creative or a person, I stay true to who I am, oftentimes unapologetically honest, most of the time agreeably stupid. My heart belongs to simple and subversive thinking, or ideas that stand a solid chance of fucking with someone or something. I once fucked with Cannes Lions and almost got sued by Cannes Lions themselves when I was just an underpaid intern in Germany. Then I uprooted my life and moved across the ocean to the US, where I got to fuck with diehard fans of Doritos Nacho Cheese. Most recently, I fucked with many, many Canadians’ fond memories of the beloved snack Lunchables.

If this portfolio got in your way while you were having a great time on Toan’s, yes, the guy’s my partner. Together, we’re winging it as the first Vietnamese creative team under the California sun at Goodby Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco.

If this portfolio also reminds you of someone you know, I assume you know Polina Zabrodskaya. If you do, tell her I’m a fan. And imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

So, 2 minutes. Did I make it? Great. Did I not? Ridicule me.


*Quynh & Toan team portfolio coming soon.