Personal Project –

We fucked with the richest and most rigged beast in the creative industry, Cannes Lions, by taking down their filthy paywall with one simple move: compiling all Lions-winning creative works from 2020-2021 forward and 2019, 2018, 2017,… dated all the way backwards to 1954, then redirecting people to where those works are viewable free of charge across the Internet. 

Luke Sullivan mentioned us in the 6th edition of “Hey Whipple, Squeeze This”. It was probably the most thrilling week of my entire career (and I know I’m talking as if I’ve had a long one).

Role → Concept, Copy
Year → 2021
With → Toan Mai

✓ 150,000+ visitors from 140+ countries. Most famous in Brazil (Obrigado, amigos).
✓ Featured on Adweek. Then another Adweek. Another Adweek. Then Adweek again.
✓ Given a free billboard slot to display the idea in Times Square, New York.
✓ Contacted by 20 agencies worldwide for a job interview.
✓ A former employee of Cannes Lions agreed we did a good job.
✓ Got Cannes Lions to free their archive to all students and Young Lions under 30 globally.
✓ Won 0 awards, but millions of hearts.

If you’re scrolling through this on the toilet and having absolutely nothing else to read, read the full story here.