Personal Project –

We vandalized the most notoriously lucrative festival in the creative industry, Cannes Lions, by knocking down their filthy paywall with one simple move: hyperlinking all Lions-winning creative works throughout its entire history to where they are publicly viewed for free. This giant compilation is hosted under the URL, a dig at Cannes Lions’ own archive

Like Callan McKean on LinkedIn commented “This is sick. Fuck the system.” Yeah. Fuck the system.

Role → Concept, Copy, Art
Year → 2021
With → Toan Mai

✓ Bronze PR Cannes Lions 2022
✓ 350,000+ visitors from 140+ countries, with most visitors coming from Brazil (Obrigado, amigos).
✓ Featured on Adweek. Then Adweek. Another Adweek. Then Adweek again. And again? And again.
✓ 24 hours of display in Times Square, New York. For free.
✓ Mentioned in “Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This: 6th Edition” by Luke Sullivan.
✓ 28 job interviews with 28 agencies worldwide.
✓ 4 “urgent” calls with Cannes Lions team.
✓ 1 former Cannes Lions employee emailed us a compliment.
✓ 1 current Cannes Lions employee shared the project. Publicly.
✓ Got Cannes Lions to free their archive to all students and Young Lions under 30 globally.

If you’re scrolling through this on the toilet and having absolutely nothing else to read, read the full story here.