The Day T(rans)
Goes Invisible

What if we made someone visible by making them invisible?

Mainstream LGBTQ groups solely focus on fighting for the rights of white L(esbian), G(ay), B(isexual) and (Q)ueer, and at no point have Black Trans people shared fully in the gains of racial justice from the activism.

In LGBTQ, T stands for Transgender, meaning it stands for the most overlooked group of this activism. 

So, this Transgender Day of Remembrance, we make the presence of Black Trans people visible, by making them invisible, literally: We remove the letter T across The New York Times’ entire front page.

Because once their invisibility is invisible, we can’t ignore them.


2020 Young Shits _ Jul-Aug Brief Winner

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The central homepage calls attention to our statement, leading to a The New York Times article paying homage to Black Trans Lives that have been painfully taken.

Quynh Tran _ Copywriter
Hajra Tariq _ Art Director

Sarah Buggle _ Senior Copywriter, Jung von Matt Berlin