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I’m writing this sitting near an old German lad who has been mumbling under his throat in the last 30 minutes, and I don’t get a single word – welcome to the life chapter of a nomad who has been roaming around Berlin in the past 1 year and managed to survive in this city while speaking fluently only 5 German words: Ja, Nein, Genau, Danke, and Tschüüüüüüüüsss (remember, extending the “ü” is important).

I’m Quynh, the “kiddo” in any room I enter. Probably because of my age (10 bucks say I’m much younger than you, whoever you are), probably because of how little I actually am (5’2’’?). But my effort to outgrow myself outgrows myself, as I make up for my brain age with the hours I put into brainstorming, into the ad archive since 1975, into feeling the goosebumps over thrilling ideas crawling on my skin, and into daydreaming about becoming the next Peggy Olson.

Nominated for “Most Likely To Host A Stand-up Comedy In Tokyo” by my ad classmates, advised to “Draw Cartoons For The New Yorker As A Side Gig” by a Brazillian CD, I guess I could make people giggle a little bit with my humble slice of wit. Don’t buy it? Hit me up, and we’ll see.

_ (kinda) speak

Vietnamese – Native
English – Advanced (IELTS 8.0/9.0)
German – Beginner (ein bisschen Deutsch)
French – Beginner (un petit peu de français)
Korean – Beginner (한국말 조금만 할 수 있어요)

_ know how to open

Adobe Creative Cloud
Cinema 4D
Bricklink Studio

_ seen ideas landing in trash bins at

Miami Ad School Berlin, Germany
Copywriting Portfolio Program
July 2019 – Now

_ seen ideas coming to life at

BETC Paris, France
Copywriter Intern
Accounts: Aptamil/Qatar Foundation/Disneyland/Belvita/MK2/Michelin
Oct 2020 – Dec 2020

Dinosaur, Vietnam
Copywriter Intern
Dec 2018 – Feb 2019

_ cool enough for

Quarter 3/2020 Miami Ad School Berlin Top Dog (Best Performance)
2020 1 x Young Shits Jul-Aug Brief Winner
2020 2 x D&AD New Blood Wood Pencil
2020 1 x Summit Creative Award Silver
2020 1 x Creativity International Award Bronze
2020 1 x Creative Conscience Highly Commended
2020 1 x AD STARS Crystal 
2020 2 x AD STARS Finalist 
2020 1 x Golden Award Of Montreux Finalist

_ mentioned in

6 x Ads Of The World
3 x welovead
2 x adRuby
1 x Best Ads On TV
2 x Campaigns Of The World
1 x Campaign Brief Asia