Quynh Tran 


The North Face 
I Escaped

The North Face is fanatical about exploration, encouraging young women to go out and discover themselves. Yet, if interpreted from a different angle, exploration truly stems from the desire to break away from the familiarity. On a more extreme level, it refers to “escaping” from that familiarity. Who might be the unsung examples of this notion? Women refugees.

Facing the unimaginable hardship, crossing borders and oceans, battling days and nights on a rocky trail to a brighter destination – all to flee from bombs, bullets, tyrants, and their crumbling beloved homelands – refugee women are true warriors, “to be called a refugee is the opposite of an insult; it is a badge of strength, courage, and victory”, and they are a perfect example of how “escaping” can change lives.

And this act of “escaping” deeply resonates with modern society, where countless women out there are trapped in a soul-destructive job, in a toxic relationship, or in an abusive family. So, we encourage every girl to not bear with pains, to run away, to free their souls, and to escape from whatever is imprisoning them, to see how life can take another turn, just like how it did to these refugee women.

Miami Ad School Berlin, 2020

The film


Script Writing, Video Editing

The team

Copywriter — Quynh Tran
Art Director — Hajra Tariq
Tutor — David Stadtmüller

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