Quynh Tran 


Drop The Joss

An iconic Asian traditional custom is a surprising toxic source of CO2 through the act of burning. So, we decided to “digitalize” it with an Instagram AR filter that gives the Asian community space to practise this custom … without actually burning anything.

Keep the tradition alive, keep the planet alive.

Miami Ad School Berlin, 2020

Case film

An AR filter

To gamify this burning experience, we create an AR filter in which people can simply drag and toss various kinds of joss materials into the flame, replicating the original Hungry Ghost Festival tradition itself.

Tracking billboards

These digital billboards are displayed across multiple central Asian cities where the festival is highly celebrated, tracking the real-time pollution level during the smokey month.

Targeted ads

The Lunar Calendar functions on a different principle, which annually shifts the exact date of the Hungry Ghost Festival – and people Google it. This is a right spot for us to target the right ads to the right audience, prompting them to maybe give it a try with burning differently this year.


Concepting, Copywriting

The team

Copywriter — Quynh Tran
Art Director — Seine Kongruangkit
Tutor — Sabine Georg
Tutor — Lukas Kurt Roßmanith
Tutor — David Stadtmüller

Cool enough for

2020 D&AD New Blood — Wood Pencil
2020 Summit Creative Award — Silver
2020 Creativity International Award —  Bronze
2020 Creative Conscience — Highly Commended
2020 AD STARS — Finalist

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