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Target ads function by suggesting frighteningly specific and ideal purchase preferences to you, based on what you stream, what you Google, or what you briefly mention in a text. So what about cyberbullies? Their “social activities” are fraught with hatred and offence.

So we target ads at them to promote one single product: bullet. Because every time they insult someone online, they have just pulled the trigger and fired a bullet at that person’s mentality. A word is a bullet and it kills.

Miami Ad School Berlin, 2020
Case film
The haunting ad

If the pain caused by this bullet haunts whoever gets shot, this ad will do the same to whoever fires it: it will follow them everywhere they go.

“Unfire my bullet”

Every click on the Shop now button would redirect our potential customers to a microsite that fully explains the whole story, prompting them to unfire their bullets in order for this ad nightmare to come to an end. And by unfire the bullet, we mean removing every hateful word they’ve ever uttered.

Concepting, Copywriting, Video Editing
The team
Copywriter — Quynh Tran
Art Director — Hajra Tariq
Tutor — David Stadtmüller

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